Monthly Archives: September 2014

A Modern Day Desk Sentence

Are you sitting comfortably? You might not be after reading this. A recent study finds that American’s spend 56 hours a week sitting: staring at the computer screen, in the car, or collapsed in a heap in front of the television.  Add in another seven hours per day sleeping and that means most of us… Read more »

Can Color Affect Your Mood?

Think of your favorite space, that place that can put you into a relaxed zen like state (sipping Mai Tais on a beach in the Caribbean doesn’t count!). Now think about a space that you feel uncomfortable or anxious in. What is the dominant color in each of these spaces? Is it possible that your… Read more »

A Lot to Love in Buffalo

I would be proud to label myself a Buffalo native, but I have only called “The Queen City” my home for the last 9 years. When I decided to move from the Binghamton area to Buffalo after college, a lot of people questioned why of all places I would want to move here. This inquiry… Read more »

Workplace Fashion on a Budget

As long as I can remember (thinking all the way back to pre-k) I would plan my outfits ahead of time, laying them out each night for the following day.  This became my night time ritual. Then I would fall asleep thinking about what other outfits I could create from my existing wardrobe, counting sheep… Read more »

Personalizing Your Workspace

The infamous office cubicle celebrated its 50th anniversary this April and if you are like most workers that occupy square footage in a “cube farm”, it is a love-hate relationship, with one end of that scale probably tipping a little heavier for the majority. Originally designed in 1964 by American, Robert Propst, the cubicle was… Read more »