November 2014 Furniture Feed

This year meant big changes for us. A new logo jump-started the year and we are wrapping up 2014 with our completely redesigned website, a company brochure and so much more. Even our monthly news got a face lift. As always, stay tuned, we will be continuing to make changes throughout the next year! November… Read more »

Holiday Design Tip #1

Stick with a simple color pallet to more easily transform your decor from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Base your design on a few main colors that work for both occasions such as red and gold then swap out a third color like orange for fall and white for Christmas. Your neutral pallet will help save time… Read more »

A Year of Transformation

It has been a year long journey (well, almost) and finally, we have arrived! This year has been an exciting and busy one at Buffalo Office Interiors. In January, we launched our new logo which was just the first step of many in our redesign journey. In the 11th hour, or in this case month,… Read more »

Furniture Showdown: Veneer vs Laminate

Great news! You are getting your own office. Even better news, you get to pick out new furniture. You want a look that reflects your position in the company, something that will make a good impression with your clients and associates. With so many options, how do you decide what is right for your needs… Read more »

Design Tip #7

Not sure how to spice up your space? Animal prints always add a bit of excitement to a room. They are highly versatile and can be blended with any type of furniture, from traditional settings to the latest contemporary. The best way to use animal print is to select one type of print for one… Read more »

October 2014 Newsletter

The Charter School for Applied Technologies expands into the old Holy Angels Academy. Get tips for furnishing a start up company and this month our featured team member is Dan!   October 2014 Newsletter

Furnishing Your Startup

There could be many reasons you are in the market for some new office furniture and depending on your needs, your budget and your goals you will want to do a little research to determine the best product solutions for your company. One of the very first reasons to purchase furniture is if you have… Read more »

Window or Aisle Seat?

You are booking your airline tickets and the seat map pops up, would you like a window or aisle seat? Maybe you like to look out the window as you lift off, watching the clouds swirl in around the airplane and then settle below like a soft down pillow. Or maybe you rather not see… Read more »