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A Modern Day Desk Sentence

Are you sitting comfortably? You might not be after reading this. A recent study finds that American’s spend 56 hours a week sitting: staring at the computer screen, in the car, or collapsed in a heap in front of the television.  Add in another seven hours per day sleeping and that means most of us… Read more »

Can Color Affect Your Mood?

Think of your favorite space, that place that can put you into a relaxed zen like state (sipping Mai Tais on a beach in the Caribbean doesn’t count!). Now think about a space that you feel uncomfortable or anxious in. What is the dominant color in each of these spaces? Is it possible that your… Read more »

A Lot to Love in Buffalo

I would be proud to label myself a Buffalo native, but I have only called “The Queen City” my home for the last 9 years. When I decided to move from the Binghamton area to Buffalo after college, a lot of people questioned why of all places I would want to move here. This inquiry… Read more »

Workplace Fashion on a Budget

As long as I can remember (thinking all the way back to pre-k) I would plan my outfits ahead of time, laying them out each night for the following day.  This became my night time ritual. Then I would fall asleep thinking about what other outfits I could create from my existing wardrobe, counting sheep… Read more »

Personalizing Your Workspace

The infamous office cubicle celebrated its 50th anniversary this April and if you are like most workers that occupy square footage in a “cube farm”, it is a love-hate relationship, with one end of that scale probably tipping a little heavier for the majority. Originally designed in 1964 by American, Robert Propst, the cubicle was… Read more »

An Intern’s Perspective

As a Senior Interior Design student at Villa Maria College, I was encouraged to complete an internship in an area of design that I am most interested in. After completing various studio classes, I found that I most enjoyed commercial design. My last studio class focused on Evidence Based Design, designing for the Chemotherapy Infusion… Read more »

Hired! Otis, Chair Tester

Otis is new to Buffalo Office Interiors, but he already considers himself top dog!  Mind you, Otis is my 4 year old Yorkshire terrier. At his first day on the job, Otis strut’s his stuff through the open work area, catching the attention of our design team before heading out to take a run of… Read more »