How to Enjoy Summer at Work: Part 2

Productivity has been known to decrease during the hot summer months while you’re daydreaming of the beach. Incorporate summer activities into your work day to reduce a loss of productivity and increase your mood.

1. Walking meetings- Instead of sitting in your stuffy conference room while the sun is shining, try holding walking meetings. Stretch your legs and enjoy the weather while getting down to business with your colleagues. Try walking around the block or even holding your meeting on a picnic blanket outside!

2. Dress Down- If your work permits casual attire or even casual Fridays try enjoying shorts, sundresses, and short sleeves!

3. Seasonal Food- Raid your garden or hit up your local grocery store and grab some seasonal fruits and vegetables. Bring them in for your coworkers to share or even swap items from each other’s gardens!

4. Summer Playlist- Create a playlist with all the songs that remind you of the joys of summer. Maybe add some Beach Boys, The Cars, or Don Henley to get you in the summertime mood!

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