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Take Charge of Your Summer: Part 3

The end of summer is approaching; use these tips to fully enjoy the wonderful weather while it lasts! 1. Exercise Outdoors – Skip the gym and take your exercise routine outdoors. Many parks supply outdoor fitness equipment or enjoy a run around your neighborhood. 2. Community Garden- It’s not too late to get your green… Read more »

Summer Party Tips: Part 3

Potlucks are a summer tradition that encourages sharing, friendships, and most importantly delicious food! Loosen your apron strings and allow your guests to worry about the food. Use these tips to ensure your potluck is a success. 1. Any meal that requires buns- On your buffet table put bottoms before the meat and tops after…. Read more »

Take Charge of Your Summer: Part 2

August is right around the corner, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying all that summer has to offer. 1. Unexpected Smiles- Add fresh flowers or a new plant to your bathroom, a natural touch in an unexpected place will brighten your day. 2. Farmer’s Market- Start a weekly ritual of attending the farmer’s… Read more »

Take Charge of Your Summer

Take charge of your summer and ensure you don’t let it pass you by with these tips. 1. Wake Up Early- Wait, what? You heard me! Wake up thirty minutes to an hour earlier during the summer. Plan some time before work to enjoy your breakfast on the balcony, go for a run, or enjoy… Read more »

Summer Party Tips: Part 2

Make your summer shindig a breeze with some minimal effort party tips! 1. Skewer School! Don’t use skewers purely for kabobs. Skewer thin vegetables, like asparagus, to allow easier grilling. Also use two skewers for kabobs to ensure pieces don’t rotate when you flip them on the grill. 2. Cooler Corn! Having a blowout and… Read more »

Summer Party Tips

Don’t get stuck strictly hosting your party, enjoy it too! Use these tips to ensure you and your guests have the best summer blowout: 1. Skip the Bartender! Make cocktails ahead of time and store them in ready to drink mason jars. 2. Slice and Dice! To serve ice cream simply turn the ice cream… Read more »

How to Enjoy Summer at Work: Part 2

Productivity has been known to decrease during the hot summer months while you’re daydreaming of the beach. Incorporate summer activities into your work day to reduce a loss of productivity and increase your mood. 1. Walking meetings- Instead of sitting in your stuffy conference room while the sun is shining, try holding walking meetings. Stretch… Read more »

How to Enjoy Summer at Work

Summer is here and you’re stuck in the office. Don’t feel discouraged; bring all the joys of summer to your workplace! 1. Dine outside! Grab a picnic blanket or maybe a bench and enjoy your lunch outside. Invite your co-workers and ask everyone to bring a dish or have a cookout! You’ll feel like you… Read more »