Jiffy-Tite Company


Jiffy-tite is an auto parts producer that makes small parts for engines to help them run more smoothly and efficiently. The company was originally founded nearly 50 years ago in the family basement, now they have an expanding company headquarters located in a warehouse in Lancaster, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. Jiffy-tite prides itself on innovation and most recently began creating products for race cars and military vehicles, with a focus on the future of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Client Profile

Client Name: Jiffy-tite Company

Location: 4437 Walden Ave, Lancaster NY

Website: www.jiffy-tite.com

Industry: Corporate


Jiffy-tite’s continued growth required more space than available in their existing building which prompted the plans for an addition to be built onto the front of their current space. This new space needed to accommodate a variety of employee spaces including staff workstations, private offices, a training room, large conference room and new break room. Not only were comfort and function top priority, but Jiffy-tite also wanted to move forward towards a new generation of workspace for their employees.


The client built an addition on to the front of their existing building, and to accommodate their request for open work space, all private offices have a glass front wall. Each work station is made with 55″ panels, while center divider panels are 64″ with an overhead and glass to maintain the open feel.

Buffalo Office Interiors, together with BHNT Architects, collaborated to select the finishes of Brazilwood laminate for the office furniture and corridor panels. Each are highlighted by a black-pitch paint finish and stainless steel for a modern look. Guest and lounge chairs have an Arc-Com fabric with a black background and silver and taupe circles to bring all of the finishes together.


Account Executive: Joe Spano

Designer: Mimi Fierle