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Buffalo Office Interiors, Inc. is dedicated to helping you reach your business goals.  Optimizing your space can help you increase productivity, promote a positive and stress-free work environment, and welcome more customers or clients to your building.  Each professional designer and in-house installation team works to identify your vision and create a working model that you can be proud to be a part of.

Buffalo Office Interiors is a full-service solution from the first design phase through project management on to service and installation.  Buffalo Office Interiors employs a complete team for each project, so every step flows effectively and builds a singular vision that you approve.  Starting with business development, you identify your goals for productivity, space optimization, brand recognition, employee satisfaction, ambiance and more.  Account Executives create a design using your needs and preferences and move on to implementation, pending your approval.  Buffalo Office Interiors creates full renovations using all business furniture including desks, lighting, bar stools, chairs, décor and any features you prefer.

Start working with your own design team to meet your goals and create a business or workplace that you envision.


Our services include:

Space Planning & Interior Design

Business Development

Project Management

Relocation Management

Delivery Installation


Service Contracts