LoVullo Associates


LoVullo Associates, Inc. was founded in Buffalo over 60 years ago and has celebrated many years of growth serving independent insurance producers. In May of 2001, their growth prompted relocation into a newly renovated office complex in Depew. This new facility contains state of the art resources, allowing LoVullo to provide faster and more accurate service, as well as affording them ample space for future expansion. Based on the success of previous furniture projects, LoVullo called us when they decided it was time to refresh their space.

Client Profile

Client Name: Lovullo Associates

Location: 6450 Transit Rd, Depew NY

Website: https://www.lovullo.com/

Industry: Corporate


LoVullo was looking to update their space to reflect a more modern, high end aesthetic, while still keeping in mind the more traditional details of the building’s construction. Having purchased furniture in recent years, it was imperative that the existing products be utilized in the design plans. This made reconfiguration of work spaces another important aspect of the project, with the need to maximize on efficiency and space for future growth. With the potential for so much disruption to staff and daily business functions, coordination of scheduling the necessary work was key to the project’s success.


Since the current furnishings were still in great condition, LoVullo utilized our Interior Design services to reconfigure work stations and coordinate new selections for carpet, floor tile, paint, backsplash tile and Corian countertops. A warm, neutral base palette was brought to life with subtle patterns and hints of color, which offered interest and texture, elevating the spaces to a new level. The Cultural Layers modular collection (Ecot Color, Ecot Script and Layered Expression) from Patcraft offered the ability to integrate varying patterns within the same color family, providing consistency to the overall design. Forest is a five-color glazed porcelain stoneware collection by Florim USA, used as a feature in the kitchen area. Due to high definition graphics technology, the surface design of the porcelain tile is reminiscent of a very authentic natural wood. Along with Corian Lava Rock countertops and Anatolia Glass Slate/Quartz Linear Blend Mosaic backsplash, the trio creates visual interest and appeal in an otherwise very functional space. Careful attention to details, such as flooring transitions, tile placement and pairing of patterns and colors, further enhanced the sophisticated style. Important to the successful completion of this project were our strong partnerships with the contracting suppliers, which allowed for efficient coordination of all installation staff to seamlessly complete the work on a phased installation schedule. LoVullo was very pleased with the achievement of their intent to create a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment for the employees.


Account Executive: Joe Spano

Designer: Raegan Hardie