De-Stress in the Kitchen: Cooking Tips Part 1

We hope everyone has a good way to relieve stress after a long day at the office. Our Project Coordinator Amanda finds cooking is not only a fantastic skill to possess but is also a great way to relax after work and it allows her to release some creativity! Try some of her tips to make the cooking process more enjoyable and less intimidating. (If you missed some of her summer recipes you can still check them out here.)

1. All about that prep- Prepping is the most time consuming part of cooking. Try prepping the night or morning before in order to cook quicker and reduce the amount of stress involved.

2. Save your spices- Most people put their spices above the stove, on a shelf, or on their counter. Keeping them in a place that’s humid, warm, or in the sunlight causes the spices to lose flavor. Try keeping them in a cupboard or fridge.

3.Better baking- Before baking leave your eggs and butter out overnight so they become room temperature. This allows air to become trapped in the substance and will be released during baking to make your goods light and soft.

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