The design of a hospital, doctor’s office or senior living place can affect the ease of mobility that patients experience, which is especially important when working with serious ailments or handicaps.

Buffalo Office Interiors designs patient rooms that prioritize functionality, making the lives of the patient and doctor easier during appointments. Our designers will work within your budget to make sure no detail is missed. We will make certain patients and workers have a good experience when using the furniture in your patient and waiting rooms.

In addition to designing and reconfiguring products in existing patient rooms, we also work on lobbies, central atriums, lounges, cafeterias and many more with colors, fabrics, and style choices that promote positivity and comfort. The patients’ needs are paramount in our designs, as we specify functional hospital and waiting room furniture that can accommodate all needs, levels of mobility or limitations. Our designs will give patients a more comfortable and relaxing space and also give doctors, nurses and other staff members a more enjoyable working environment, boosting morale in the process.

While creating a space that is functional and aesthetically appealing, we also include the image of your hospital or private practice as a business, and create a look that is clean, professional and stylish.

We can make slight changes or completely redesign any room in your business to create the look and feel that you want.

  • Administrative/Consultative offices
  • Break Room/ Cafeterias
  • Lobby/Lounge
  • Patient Rooms
  • Residence Living
  • Training/Conference Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms

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