Industry Sectors

Buffalo Office Interiors, Inc. serves a wide array of industries and provides complete solutions for buildings of all sizes.  For over 35 years, Buffalo Office Interiors has made appealing, welcoming, contemporary and enjoyable interiors for schools, hotels, educational institutions and healthcare providers.  A wide array of commercial furniture and design aesthetics makes it easy to create a welcoming, professional environment that combines efficiency and enjoyment.

From corporate offices to schools to hospitals and hotels, creating a clean, contemporary and attractive look is paramount to maintaining your brand image, productivity, employee happiness and customer satisfaction. Buffalo Office Interiors, Inc allows you to build an atmosphere that works best for your company, whether you are seeking to optimize your client experience, promote corporate creativity, maximize space use for increased productivity or something else.

Choose from over 50 quality manufacturers of commercial furniture and work with a professional commercial designer to highlight your brand identity and business experience.  Call today to set up an appointment and start visualizing your new office, school, government building, hospital and more.