How to Enjoy Summer at Work

Summer is here and you’re stuck in the office. Don’t feel discouraged; bring all the joys of summer to your workplace!

1. Dine outside! Grab a picnic blanket or maybe a bench and enjoy your lunch outside. Invite your co-workers and ask everyone to bring a dish or have a cookout! You’ll feel like you got to escape the office for the afternoon!

2. Work outside! Alleviate some stress by bringing your work outside. Use your laptop, forward your calls to your cell, and enjoy the sunshine!

3. Bring the outside, inside! Open all the office windows for fresh air. You can purchase some plants or potted flowers to bring a little nature into your work space.

4. Ride your bike to work! Save the planet and benefit your health at the same time. Riding your bike to and from work can reduce tremendous amounts of stress. If you live too far from your workplace, try taking a bike ride when you get home. Pedal those work troubles away!

5. Stay tuned for our Summer Treat series. We will give you some recipes for delectable and refreshing treats to share with coworkers!

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