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Holiday Design Tip #9

This New Year’s make a resolution for your home. Re-organize or de-clutter an area that is always messy, start (or finish) a project that you have been meaning to get around to, or start saving to make that big purchase by the end of the New Year. Amazing what you can accomplish when you set… Read more »

Holiday Design Tip #8

If you prefer a less traditional approach to the holidays, try some DIY projects to create your own one of a kind decorations. Dress up wine bottles with some paint, ribbon, fabric or other accessories to create a tabletop of mantle display. Fill candle holders or vases with ornaments, dried fruit, pinecones or other interesting… Read more »

Holiday Design Tip #7

Make fall cleaning part of your holiday decorating. Put away magazines, mail and other items that have collected on the coffee and dining room tables to make room for those holiday displays. Rearrange furniture to open your space up for entertaining with a tree or fireplace as your focal point.

Sit, Stand, Wobble?

First we tell you to sit, and then we tell you to spend more time standing; now we want you to wobble? That’s right! Our bodies are not meant to maintain static positions for long periods of time; our muscles, organs and even our minds want to stay in motion. By engaging the different parts… Read more »

Holiday Design Tip #6

If you are tight on space for displaying holiday knick knacks make small changes to everyday items. Change out your throw pillows and blankets for some with a holiday theme or more festive colors. Next to go is the usual tablecloth and dish towels! These small and simple changes will give your house that holiday… Read more »

December 2014 Furniture Feed

Meet Debbie our accountant and find out what local sports team is her favorite. Check out our latest installation at Hospice Buffalo for their expanded Palliative Care Center. We also have some tips to help you not only decorate but stay organized during the hectic holiday season!   December 2014 Furniture Feed

Holiday Design Tip #5

Want something a little different for the holidays this year? Try basing your design around a theme. Select a focal color like blue or purple (yes, they can be used for Christmas too!) or decorate with a specific motif, such as birds or stars. Your décor will be fun, fresh and festive!